Frequently Asked Questions

FSWealth, innovated by experienced monetization experts in a bid to equip her members financially with affiliate skills When a member signs up on FSWealth they have access to 5 ways of earning which can be accessed via a one-time registration fee of ₦1,500.
YES, on Fs-wealth, there are 2 type of users:
1. FREE USERS: Only earn from task and they can only access to there funds when it reach ₦30,000.
2. PREMUIM USERS: Enjoy all the benefit started including a withdrawal limit of ₦10,000 for Task income.
Kindly note that your Task balance will be divided by 5.
YES, Payment of Task Earnings is 100% on this platform whereby earnings are disbursed in cash every month from Top activity earners to least earners till the revenue gets Exhausted.
Our Withdrawal and Payment modes for Affiliate Earnings are as follows -You are Eligible for Withdrawal and Payment with a Minimum of ₦500.
Affiliate Withdrawal is been processed automatically within 3 - 10 minutes Daily
-While non - Affiliate earners are paid when minimum earnings of ₦10,000 For free users and ₦5,000 for Active Users are met.
-Another uniqueness about our withdrawal method for Task Earners(Activity Earners) is that It’s Automated…
There are 5 different ways in which you can earn on FSWEALTH:
  • 1. CASHBACK: You get back ₦500 as welcoming Bonus.
    • A. You get ₦25 once a day when you login.
    • B. You also get ₦25 for every post shared by you.
    • C. Lastly you get ₦20 on every hourly task you performed.
  • 3. AFFILIATE: for every active user signup through your affiliate link you will get ₦500.
  • 4. TEAMMATE: You enjoy upto ₦10,100 Teammate income.
  • 5. INCENTIVES & GIFT: Get ₦200 Airtime, ₦1,000 Data Sub, ₦2,000 Worth of Milk, ₦4,000 1 Indomie pack, ₦18,000 Food Basket etc....
Coupon code serves as a quick payment option on our platform or a PIN used for registration payment which can be purchased from our verified vendors on the website.
A coupon code is only valid for one registration Once purchased and used for a registration successfully it becomes invalid In cases whereby you have issues with your coupon code Verify its validity via our COUPON CHECKER option on the website